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Everything you need for your 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' topic! Posters, cards and activities to keep the children busy! Time saver for teachers!

Resources include:

  • Days of the week poster – The poster comes with an arrow (to be attached using a split pin or blu-tac) so that you can use the poster on a daily basis, moving the arrow to point at the correct day.  
  • Life cycle of a butterfly poster – This is a simple poster with the key vocabulary, e.g. caterpillar, chrysalis, etc.
  • A caterpillar book (the book is in the shape of a caterpillar. Each page is a segment of the caterpillar’s body). The book has black and white pictures inside.
  • Story title poster for display board – 2 x A4 sheets (place alongside each other in landscape orientation to make a long banner)
  • Caterpillar and butterfly masks for role play. (There are 2 sets. One is in full colour. The other is in black and white. )
  • Maths repeating pattern worksheets
  • Photos of caterpillars, butterflies, eggs, etc.
  • Small prop pictures and large prop pictures (all of the food items, the caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly). They are clipart which you can print and laminate for carpet activities.
  • Lesson Ideas poster for each of the 7 areas on learning in the EYFS curriculum.
  • Butterfly symmetry sheets (Expressive Arts, and Maths)
  • Writing frame – Landscape and portrait.
  • Fine Motor activities – colour in the caterpillar and trace the lines to develop fine motor control.
  • Sorting food activity – sort the food from the story into categories, e.g. healthy/ unhealthy, processed/natural.


Resources are in PDF or PPT.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Complete Resource Pack!

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