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Everything you need for your The Three Little Pigs topic! Posters, cards and activities to keep the children busy! Time saver for teachers!

Reources include:

  • Finger puppets. These have 2 holes for you to put your finger through (your fingers make the legs)
  • Party Invitation – Have a Pigs Party! This is an invitation template with parts that are left blank for you to fill in (e.g. location, date, etc.)
  • Title poster for your display board or role play area – these come in A4 and also as a long banner (2 x A4 side by side in landscape orientation)
  • Home Sweet Home poster. Turn a corner of your room in to the 3 Pigs’ house!
  • Make your own house activity. This is a picture of a house where you can stick on windows and door (black and white for children to colour in)
  • Character masks (there are 2 sets – 1 is in colour and the other is in black and white) – there is a pig mask and a wolf mask
  • Materials Posters – these are pictures of bricks, straw and sticks.
  • Number line – up to 20, including blank templates for you to write your own numbers on too.
  • Photos of different types of homes (bungalow, flat, etc.)
  • Photos of pigs and wolves
  • Facts about pigs poster
  • House building competition poster. Some parts of the poster are left blank for you to fill in e.g. the competition deadline, the prize, etc.
  • Vocabulary sheet with key words from the story. This is to help children with their writing and spelling.
  • Sequencing cards – These can be used to make into a book or story map, or simply as props to help children re-tell the story.
  • Speech bubble activity – fill in the bubble with what the characters were saying at different parts of the story.
  • House tracing activity using common 2D shapes.
  • What’s the time Mr Wolf clock.
  • Lolly pop stick puppets.
  • Writing frames (portrait and Landscape, with lines and without any line too) The ones without lines can also be used as play dough mats.
  • Wanted Poster for the Big Bad Wolf
  • Lesson Idea sheet based on the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS

Resources are in PDF and PPT.

The Three Little Pigs - Complete Resource Pack!