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Everything you need for your 'Handa's Surprise' topic! Posters, cards and activities to keep the children busy! Time saver for teachers!

Resources include:

  • Sequencing cars to help children retell and order the story.
  • Story title poster for your display board or role play area
  • Animal masks for role play. Includes antelope, elephant, giraffe, monkey, ostrich, zebra, parrot and goat. (There are 2 sets. One is in full colour. The other is in black and white.
  • Finger puppets (children’s fingers make the animals’ legs)
  • Handa’s Fruit Stall role play poster (turn a corner of your room into a fruit market to bring out children’s creativity and language)
  • Fruit (clipart) poster – 1 set is a picture of the fruit with the fruit’s name. The other has pictures but with no labels
  • Photos of the fruit (1 set of the photos has the fruit’s name on it. The other set is just a picture of the fruit.)
  • Labels (these are words that can be cut out and put on your vocabulary wall or used in games where children have to put the label on the correct photo/picture)
  • Fruit labelling activity
  • Photos of the animals in the story (2 sets: 1 where photos are labelled and one where photos are not labelled)
  • Handa’s Surprise number line
  • Handa’s Maths Game
  • Child-friendly banana cake recipe poster
  • Lesson Ideas (linked to EYFS areas of learning)
  • Power Point game linked to animals in the story
  • Maths power points

Resources are in PDF and PPT.

Handa's Surprise - Complete Resource Pack!

  • As soon as we receive an online payment (e.g. credit card or PayPal payment) we will send you a confirmation email with a download link. The link will appear on the Thank You page. You will have 30 days to download the digital file. If there are any problems, please let us know and will re-send the link.

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