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Everything you need for your Goldilocks and the Three Bears topic! Posters, cards and activities to keep the children busy! Time saver for teachers!

Resources include:

  • Masks of daddy bear, mummy bear, baby bear and Goldilocks for role play (there is a set in full colour and another set in black and white)
  • A4 topic poster for the story
  • Emotions poster to talk about how characters might be feeling at each part in the story (PSED)
  • Porridge recipe poster
  • Café poster for role play
  • Menu sheets for café role play
  • Vocabulary sheet for writing and spelling prompts
  • Wanted poster for Goldilocks
  • Photos of real bears
  • Puppets (to attach onto lolly sticks. Each character picture comes in a pair so you can stick them back to back)
  • Speech bubble sheet to write what character might be saying (introducing children to speech marks too)
  • Writing frame – in portrait and landscape
  • Number line – Numbers 0-20, including a blank bear for you to write in your own numbers.  
  • Sequencing cards – These can be used to make into a book or story map, or simply as props to help children re-tell the story.
  • Pictures of bed, chairs and bowls in different sizes to order
  • Letter from the 3 bears – A letter to Goldilocks’ parents, telling them about what happened. Children to write a reply, from Goldilocks. Can also use this as an intro to making a sorry card.
  • Lesson ideas sheet (linked to the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum)
  •  Other free resources from

Resources are in PDF or PPT.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Complete Resource Pack!

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