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8 times tables faces (12 posters, A4) to make learning the times tables easy and fun! The characters are designed to be interesting and quirky to gauge children's imagination and curiosity. There are 2 sets: one is just of the faces. The other has the 8 times tables number sentence at the top.
Hopefully your children/students will take and interest in the 8 times tables and learning them will not be too much of a chore!
Note: This is for the 8 times tables only.

Things to do to help learn the number facts:
1. Find the multiplication facts in the pictures and GET GOOD and QUICK at finding them!
2. Laminate the posters and trace over them with a non-permanent marker regularly.
3. Recall the multiplication fact using the posters with the faces only (not the ones with the multiplication fact on top.)
4. Become a 'mentor'. Take the cards to someone else and help them find the multiplication facts in the pictures.

8 Times Tables FUN! with the Awesome 8s (character cards)

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